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Facebook Study App Invite Link – Get $5 Per Refer & Free 20$ Every Month

Study From Facebook App Registration Start Date Invite Link Available Here:- Join Study from Facebook App Referral Program & Get $20/Month & Share Invite Link to earn $5 on each successful Referral. Facebook announced a new program named “Study from Facebook“, an Android App, paying 20$ for just keep installing the App for a month. In exchange Facebook Study App will trace his/her daily activity on their android / iOS iPhone. You just need the “Study From Facebook Invite Link” to avail or join this offer. As per the news sources, Facebook Study App Referral Program Starting soon in India.

Facebook Study App Update

If You want the Invite Link, Must Share this Post with Your Friends, Now Download Study From Facebook App and Then Comment with Your Facebook Registered Email Id. I will send You the Invitation Link.

Facebook Study App Registration Started in US/UK from 18 July 2019.

Note – You must have PayPal account to Receive Money.

Facebook Study App Invite Link

Hello Friends, Facebook has released its New Android App only named Study App. Which is specially designed to collect user information like what other Android apps they are using and how many time they have spent on the other android apps. Yet this app will not collect any sensitive information like username and password etc.

Facebook Study App Invite Link

Facebook Study App Invite Link

That’s why they are paying $5 Per Refer and $20 which is equal to ₹1400 INR in Indian Currency. And the user should have PayPal Account to received monthly payout on their account for monthly app usage.

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फेसबुक स्टडी एप क्या है –

फेसबुक स्टडी एप के एंड्राइड एप प्रोग्राम है जो कि एंड्राइड फ़ोन users के लिए release किया गया है, जिसमे फेसबुक स्टडी एप को सिर्फ एंड्राइड डिवाइस में इनस्टॉल करके इसे एक महीने तक इस्तेमाल करने के फेसबुक आपको $20 देगी जो 1400 रुपए के आस-पास होते है, फेसबुक ने अपने इस एप्लीकेशन का नाम Study रखा है।

और इस एप के जरिये फेसबुक आपकी एक्स्ट्रा एक्टिविटीज पर नजर रखेगा जैसे कि आप और कौन-कौन से अन्य एप इस्तेमाल करते है और कितने-कितने देर आप किस एप पर बिताते है।

तो यह सब जानकारी जुटाने के ही फेसबुक आपको 1400 रुपए हर महीने दे रहा है। बस यह एप आपके किसी भी अन्य एप की प्राइवेट जानकारी कलेक्ट नहीं करेगा जैसे कि किसी एप का username और password और यह सब।

Facebook Study App Registration { Started }

To get the monthly payout, you just need to keep installing the Facebook Study Apk for a month. After the complete month usage and at the end of the month, you’ll get $20 in Your Given PayPal Account. And also, earn more by sharing the Facebook Study App Referral Invite Link.

Now, If you any referral download and install the Facebook Study App and keep using the app for a month, you’ll also get $5 Per Refer.

What Information will Track by Study From Facebook App?

Using the study app, facebook will collect certain information like facebook will store the user’s daily app usage and analyze the usage of apps.

  • Apps installed by the user.
  • User’s daily app usage.
  • User’s country, device and network type.
  • User’s app name, App’s features like what types of feature a user liked into the app.

How Facebook will use your information?

A very interesting question, it defines how aware you are? Everyone has his/her rights to show their information or not. Actually to producing their productivity and business with this new matched generation. Facebook will gain insight data from the Study app user (and study app taking insight data from the user’s device). Like:-

  • The Information taken from the study app will help facebook like which type of app user will like and their mode of features.
  • Further, they will be able to improve their current facebook products using their Study from Facebook App Community.
  • Facebook officially stated that they will not store or share any User’s I’d, password, Credit/Debit, NetBanking or Messages, Numbers, Chats, etc. {Hope So}. );
  • They have also stated that they will not sell user data to 3rd parties or to use user data to show target ads to the user. 

How to Install Facebook Study App on Your Android?

Study from Facebook Invite Link

  • After installing, Click Open button.

Study Facebook App Invite Link

  • Now Open the App and “Click on Next” button.

Study App Facebook Invite Link

  • Then, also Click on the “Continue” button.

Study Facebook App Refer and Earn

  • Now Enter Your Facebook Mail Id.
  • On the Next Page, Enter the Confirmation Code, sent to your Given Mail id.

Facebook Study Referral Link

  • Now, Enter the Confirmation Code, All Set.

Note – If You were invited to the Facebook Study Program, you’ll receive a confirmation code on your Given Mail Id.

Check Below the Payout Terms –

To Receive Payment, You must have to enter Your PayPal Id. You will be paid ass follows –

  • 5$ Per Referral i.e. on Each Successful Signup = ₹300 in INR.
  • 20$ Per Month for only Keep Installing the Facebook study app = ₹1400 in INR
  • Refer to your Unlimited Friends to Earn More Money in Dollars.


Well, Still you must have the Facebook Study App Referral Link / Facebook Study App Invite Link / Access of Facebook Study App Registration to Join this Program. Also, You must share the invitation link with your friend. Then, your friend will only start using the app otherwise he/she cannot use the app. Because the Confirmation Code will only send to those customers, have received invite link on their FB Registered Mail id. Thank You.

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