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How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Trial / Paid Membership Subscription

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Subscription or Trial Membership:- A Guide Amazon Prime Members those want to cancel their Amazon Prime Trial Subscription / Membership for you is now added below. Even, If you have Trial Account of Amazon Prime and want to cancel the membership then you are on the right place. Here, You must follow all the steps, then only you can cancel your Amazon Prime Trial Account Membership Subscription Plan.

Update – Follow the quite easy steps given below to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Trial Membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Video Membership

There are now number of offers running to buy Amazon Prime Video Subscription at very very low cost. Also, as they are offering Free Amazon Prime Video Membership for First Month. There you can join there Trial Subscription for First Month Free at zero cost. As number of users start looking for the Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership Cancellation Procedure. Also, You can end or cancel your Amazon Prime Free Trial Membership.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Membership

Amazon Prime Membership Cancellation Charges / Refund Status

If you are currently using Amazon Prime Trial Membership, and following the cancellation procedure. Then you won’t be charged but If you have just join the Paid Membership and cancelling the Membership withing 3 days. Then you will get Refund. And you have used membership more than 3 days. Then you must pay some cancellation charges for using their services over the periods. Also, in the account section, you can check your Amazon Prime Membership Refund Status.

How to use Amazon Prime After Free Trial?

For this, if you want to get Amazon Prime Trial Membership again. Like if you have used amazon prime earlier and now again want to use then you will now only get paid membership. Because Amazon Prime offers Free Trial Membership once over the 12 months. So, if you used Trial Plan on previous year and planning for using the Amazon Prime Membership again after using trial, then you are now eligible for this. So, you can only use Amazon Prime Trial once in a year only.

Follow Steps to Cancel / End Your Amazon Prime Video Free Trial Membership

  • First of you must log into the Amazon Prime.
  • Now go to Manage Prime Membership Section.
  • Click on the “End Free Trial and Benefits“.
  • Now, You’ll receive Amazon Prime Trial Benefits until trial period ends.
  • You have done, Successfully canceled for Amazon Prime.
  • From Now, You won’t be charged.

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Paid Membership?

  • First of you must log into the Amazon Prime.
  • Now go to Manage Prime Membership Section.
  • Click on the “End Membership and Benefits“.
  • You have done, Successfully applied for cancellation of using Amazon Prime.

Note – All Paid Members, never used their Amazon Prime Paid Membership / Subscription and other benefits like free delivery, music, etc. will be eligible for full refund.

Tips –You can also select a reminder about renewal of Amazon Prime Membership. So, you can decide on time what to do continue or cancel the Amazon Prime Membership.

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